18 GHz Ultra Low Loss Phase Stable Flexible Bulk Cable

Code: TMWA81

Centre Conductor: Silver-Plated
Dielectric: 6.10mm
Copper Shield: 2.24mm
Inner Shield: Silver-Plater
Copper Shield 6.48mm
Outer Shield: 6.93mm
Jacket: FEP 7.65mm

Electrical Specification
Frequency: 18 GHz
Cutoff Frequency: 19 GHz
Impedance: 50 (Ohms)
Velocity: 83%
Shielding effectiveness: 90 db
Operation Voltage: 2,000 VDC
Mechanical Phase: 1º@6GHz/2º@18GHz

Mechanical Specification
Bend Radius, static: 38.25mm
Bend Radius, dynamic: 76.5mm
Weight: 0.137kg
Temperature: -55~+165℃

Attenuation and average Power Handling
1000 MHz: 14.13 dB/100m, 1.8 kW
6000 MHz: 36.18 dB/100m, 0.74 kW
10000 MHz: 47.7 dB/100m, 0.533 kW
12400 MHz: 53.68 dB/100m, 0.48 kW
18000 MHz: 66.02 dB/100m, 0.41 kW

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